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Your carefree office move

A good start towards the new location

In a perfect office move, employees are amazed by how smoothly everything goes and how quickly they can get back to work. We achieve this with the experience gained in thousands of office and building content moves every year, plus the best equipment – from external furniture lifts to special computer and file transportation systems.

If you are the person responsible for relocations at your company, we’ll develop an individual concept for the entire process, from inventory list to acceptance. Contact us for an individual quote.

Secure transportation of sensitive data by way of:

  • Lockable security boxes of different standards
  • Loading by trained full-time personnel only
  • Written confidentiality undertakings from all persons involved
  • Gap-free documentation of the entire transport concept
  • Security-sealed truck, GPS tracking and online tracking

Protected data

Secure document transportation

Most office moves involve the transportation of sensitive documents and data. The transportation of these documents in accordance with data protection legislation necessitates special knowledge and stringent security precautions. Our employees are trained to fulfil these special requirements and use special high-security transportation equipment.

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Your personal relocation planner

Professional company, office, object and company relocations

Fischer Umzüge is your reliable partner for company removals of all kinds. Our moving company takes care of the complete planning and organisation of your large move, whether it is a laboratory move, a property move, an industrial move, an office move or an international company move. A relocation of companies is usually associated with high planning and coordination costs. However, especially in the case of major projects, the move is often "at the back of the queue". Thus, in the course of the relocation, the plans for the company move are often postponed and considered too late.

As a special service for the professional execution of your office relocation, industrial relocation or employee relocation, we offer you our relocation planner. The aim of the Fischer relocation planner is to keep the business interruption for the company as short as possible and to enable a trouble-free operation. We achieve this through a detailed and professional project and process planning of your company relocation. Experience from several thousand office and object removals per year as well as best equipment provide for

To ensure that everything runs smoothly in your commercial move, consulting services that prepare the physical move are summarized in the so-called move planner.

The relocation planner for commercial relocations includes:

  • the entire logistical planning with the elaboration of a relocation concept, project planning, support, execution and supervision of the move
  • Set-up of the relocation database (stocktaking)
  • Preparation of furnishing plans for the company relocation
  • Assignment and coordination of the move and all necessary service providers (telecommunications, IT, etc.) for a smooth transition
  • Preparation of a relocation manual and documentation of a bill of quantities (also for a tender)
  • Acceptances, relocation post-processing, invoice verification and damage controlling