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Security guarantee

CUSTOMER PROMISE: For all your precious items

We take meticulous care with the transportation of your furniture and effects. After all, many of the items aren’t just valuable in monetary terms, they’re also precious to the owner.

Whether we’re handling porcelain, electronics, art or ‘just’ a favourite plant, we may not actually wear velvet work gloves, but we do handle all your possessions with professional diligence.

Our promises to the customer:

  • We are punctual.
  • The project manager is there for the customer from start to finish.
  • We are friendly and recognizable by the uniform clothing.
  • The customer's wishes are fulfilled.
  • We package and transport valuable objects particularly safely.
  • We protect stairwells, corridors and narrow places.
  • Nothing gets lost: We record special objects on request
  • Nothing is forgotten: Before the departure we check all rooms for the customer after loading as well as after unloading.
  • We leave no rubbish behind and dispose of everything professionally.
  • Damages are not hidden, but pointed out by us.

For highest reliability:

  • All EUROMOVERS member companies are certified compliant with DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management system) and the majority of them also have ISO 14001 (environmental management system) certification
  • All EUROMOVERS member companies and network partners are regularly audited
  • Naturally, we’re well insured
  • All complaints are handled according to the principle of maximum goodwill

Holistic quality assurance

What does quality mean for the complex service of a move? We asked ourselves this question and developed a system with integrated quality assurance (GQS) to set the highest quality standards. In this way, we ensure the quality of our services where they are provided every day: During the move at our customers' premises.

EUROMOVERS has specially designated representatives of our customers' interests available for this purpose.
The "Holistic Quality Assurance (GQS)" allows us to identify possible errors in advance and to act preventively here. By a variation of possibilities we achieve a measurable evaluation of the quality of our service. By this proven system we can examine the first-class quality achievement of our member enterprises at any time.

Securing high-quality removal goods (SHU)
EUROMOVERS takes care of your "treasures" through a further system introduced in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Objects of special material, but also ideal value, which are not easily replaceable, are treated according to a special method and it is ensured that EUROMOVERS' customers will be satisfied with the removal services in this respect as well.

Our certified quality management system includes European standards:

  • EN 12522 - 1
  • EN 12522 – 2

Environmental management

The best move is environmentally friendly.

For EUROMOVERS, environmentally friendly work and sustainable management is not a distant goal, but a living reality.

In what we do, ecological and economic goals are closely linked. Resource-saving route planning is not only ecologically sensible, but also efficient.
We invest in the latest environmental technologies in our vehicles and are always equipped to the highest environmental standards. Our drivers are trained to drive economically and routes are planned in such a way that they are as economical as possible.

Our packaging materials are fully recyclable and are used multiple times.

The majority of our member companies already have a certified environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015.